Ok, I concede defeat - this is exactly why I am not a sys/network admin!

I have a Windows Server 2008 VM and an Ubuntu VM. My plan is to have all requests to PHP-related stuff go to my Ubuntu VM, and the others stay on the 2K8 VM.

The 2K8 VM runs IIS7 with the ARR module installed. To make things easy I was going to route all requests with a particular host-header, eg. savitarmail.sytes.net, to be directed to the local IIS, and savitarbernese.sytes.net to go to Apache. That's not much to ask, right?

I managed to get *savitarbernese.sytes.net* rewrite pattern to redirect to {R:1}x.x.x.x{R:2}. Unfortunately the "Default Documents" equivalent in Apache did not kick in. Users had to type savitarbernese.sytes.net/mail/index.php to get it to work - which is not satisfactory. That's just one issue...

The next problem is trying to redirect *savitarmail.sytes.net* to {R:1}y.y.y.y{R:2}, which is essentially, but I used the actual IP address in this case. That did absolutely nothing - it still passed the request to Apache on x.x.x.x!

I've pretty much run around in circles now. This whole sys admin thing is a bit of a black art as far as I'm concerned. Are there any IIS geeks around Canterbury willing to give me a hand for a pint and a curry? I'll take any online assistance I can get too. Yes, I have googled around a fair bit and they all had suggestions which gave various levels of failure, including a 500 error (?!).

Help please!