Hey there guys,

I have a USB Flash Drive - Sony Storage Media 8gb (One Of The Thin Ones) - that i use in my Hp Mini 1004 TU's (Windows 7 RC x86) HP Mobile Mini Drive slot to supplement my 8Gb SSD. Now i want to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Pro (Legit) to this drive for University courses.

However the darn thing will not allow itself to be installed on removable media, so how do i make the PC think the stick is fixed? It never leaves the slot anyway it may as well be fixed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I only want to avoid damage and formatting if possible.

Thanks for your time


EDIT>> Found this shortly after posting...


If someone who is in the know could look at it and offer advice on viability as a solution to my problem i would appreciate it. Not 100% decided on this tutorial...