Howdy all,

I have Flac3D (a geotechnical engineering modelling program) installed on a normal Win7 PC and all works fine. However the version installed on the server runs perfectly fine apart from the fact that it has an error message on startup (program) and it cannot save plots to PNG files.

The error message is as follows;

Your video card appears to be forcing anti-aliasing. Picking (object detection in graphics) has been disabled. Please disable automatic anti-aliasing in your video card settings. Instead choose "Off" or Application-controlled

The command to automatically output plots as PNG files does not return any error statement, it simply does not save. However the code can generate it's own backup files as per normal so it has the ability to create and modify files in it's save directory. The program also fails to print the plots without error, the print window appears but the job is never registered or actioned.

Snipping tool can successfully save PNG files though.

Anyone got an idea wth is going on?