just subscribed to Geekzone; noticed a thread from June on getting (mobile?) broadband around AKL on the Xandros Eee;

yes, you can install another distro;

but just to report we downloaded the Vodafone software that a division of theirs has developed; (and is active in, and maintains);

software is called VMC: Vodafone Mobile Connect; installs well into Xandros; runs fine;


I think I should say: well done Vodafone for supporting this; and hopefully others will echo;

a very good forum for support if needed;


for hardware, one can get a Vodafone vodem off tradme for ......... $50- $80 dollars; and I find their 3G coverage very good: whilst visiting Bay of Plenty recently; intrigued how good it was;

Yes, one can install another distro over the top of Xandros on an Eee; (we run MoonOS and use network manager to configure and drive a Huawei 220 modem; also called Vodafone Vodem); but the Huawei 160 modem will also drive a Vodafone SIMcard;


whilst Telecom may be the flavour of the month, one can get mobile broadband on an Eee with a vodem;

and start just using the Xandros and VMC: and send txt messages off that software too; 

and progress to a different distro; (like the June posts said, a great way is to put a distro onto an SD card)