I'm sure my list is tiny compared to some of you but I'm interested to know how people deal with having multiple devices and whether the answer is to just use one device per task or are there other options.

I have a smartphone which I use for primarily for spotify, tune-in radio and podcasts and to keep up with email, twitter and facebook on the run. It goes everywhere with me (much to my wife's distaste) but its just your basic smartphone usage. It plugs into a logitech dock in the kitchen and streams music all day long.

Then there is an Asus Transformer (minus the keyboard) which at the moment gets used for little more than web browsing on the couch once a week. I'm looking at it thinking I should be using it instead of my phone just for the screen real estate alone, but then if I catch up with Twitter on the phone its left behind on the tablet. Email is ok, as is Facebook so I should just leave the phone alone and use this (Spotify, Tune-in Radio and podcasts are all the same apps)....but that doesn't work when I'm out and about unless I download the same Spotify tracks to each device.

I'm also wondering if its usage would go up markedly with a keyboard dock but I don't want to shell out $150 to find out it doesn't when I can buy a laptop for that.

I have a 'work' laptop which is a full desktop replacement (read big and heavy). I work at home (part time), usually at the kitchen table, and I don't want to get it out 'after hours'. If mine isn't out my wife gets her's out....a little Dell D620. Which BTW she only uses for email, trademe and facebook, so she could use the tablet with a dock as well.

I don't want to sync my Chrome browser over hers and don't want to be switching between users because my technophobe wife will never be able to keep up. But if we both use the tablet we have the same 'sync' issues with Chrome and email etc, even with the Facebook app.

Then there is the HTPC in the lounge which also gets used to control the headless server in the kitchen (which of course I can do from any of the other machines). I should just leave those two out of it but I've been using XBMC recently and I like the idea of using my phone and/or tablet as a remote. Especially in the kitchen, the wife is already asking how we can improve on the logitech dock and have easy access to our music, spotify, tune-in radio and the podcasts.

Finally there is a laptop in the garage which I use solely for music. But the more I work out there the more I surf and the more I need it to be more than just a music player. There are also two gaming desktops hooked up to steering wheels for me and my boy but they are standalone and should stay that way.

The reason this all came about was I wanted to try LastPass and with having bought into Crashplan I was looking to see what each of us had where (there are two kids laptops too). Crashplan is easy enough to set up on each machine and have each of them backed up to the server and online, but LastPass set me thinking.

I don't know if I can have LastPass installed on each machine, so at some point Im going to forget my passwords and be stuck when I use a machine I dont have it installed on. Perhaps I should just install it on every machine in the house and do the whole 'logout/login' process on each machine.

So do people keep specific machines for specific tasks or am I missing out on apps I could use on the tablet to control everything ? I'm actually thinking it would be best to use an old Nexus One in the kitchen, controlling an XBMC client on the server and just leaving it to do that. Whilst getting a keyboard dock to do everything else in the house, whilst putting my phone in a drawer when I get home !

First world problems eh :)