I just thought I'd share my experience with nzgameshop I had recently.

I was looking for a birthday present for a friend of mine who is a huge Harry Potter fan and I came across an illuminating replica Elder Wand. I bought it with just over a week to go until her birthday which was enough time to get the item to NZ from the UK which is where they are based.

Unfortunately a few days later I got an email explaining that there was a mistake and the item should have been listed "out of stock" and that they have refunded me. In the email they also gave me a code for $5 off any purchase to be used in 30 days but as it was now less than a week until my friends birthday I had to shop elsewhere.

I ended up getting her a bottle of her favourite whisky and although that was cool getting someone alcohol for the birthday always feels like a bit of a cop out especially if you know them really well. I could have got her the same wand from Mighty Ape but it was more than 30% more expensive and in the end I was glad I didn't.

A few days after her birthday however I received another email from nzgameshop apologising again for the mistake and informing me they had them back in stock and wondering if I was still interested in getting one.... for free.

I honestly thought I'd read it wrong so I emailed them clarifying that free meant free not just free shipping or something. I was assured that free meant free and that I was a valued customer. (I reckon I spend about $100 with them a year). The wand took a little longer to get here than usual but it did get here and my friend got to have another birthday surprise.

All in all I can't remember ever receiving such great service from a store, the $5 voucher was enough to keep me happy from what was a relatively minor error. But they went that extra mile to make sure I was happy.

P.S. I also got to use the $5 voucher. wink