So about 6 months or so ago I'd say, the our Xbox 360 S decided to stop reading disks and playing nicely. 
We arranged to have it returned, and Microsoft emailed us a sticker to print and put on the box. We had to find a box and completely forgot about it as my brother got an Xbox One to replace it (he was the main user of the 360 anyway). 

Come to present time, I wanted to play GTA and thought I'd see if it was being nice today because sometimes if the stars were aligned right, it'd work. Well not today. Wouldn't boot GTA, and Halo 3 and other games would say something like put the disk in an xbox to play, the same message you'd get if you put the game in a DVD player (we've all tried :P)

Gave MS a ring, they said I have to pay $150 to have it replaced as they don't fix it anymore. So I said no thats not on its only 2 years old. So spoke to supervisor who said since they sent packing slips once and we didnt return it, they don't have to do anything as they've sort of held up their end. Is that right? I don't think that seems okay.

I'm ringing the store we got it from tomorrow to get the receipt (lost when brother went to Basic training) and check the date of purchase was correct. 

They also told me that in NZ and Aus we have a 2 year warranty instead of 1. And apparently my 2 year warranty ran out Mid September 2013. Well we moved to this house in 2012, and purchased it later that same year (I specifically remember the many shouting matches when setting it up...). So how my 2 year warranty ran out after 1 year, I do not know. But my xbox is only 25-6 months old at most. 

TL;DR: Can MS contract out of doing a repair/replacement for 25 month old xbox if we failed to return it when we last arranged a repair about 6 months ago?

Thanks in advance!