Howdy all.

I recently bought some equipment for home, a Netgear modem/router and an Arlo camera set.  My decision to purchase the kit was influenced by the cash-back offer Arlo had going, along with the discount offer at the retailer.  I purchased on the last day of the retailers offer, but well within the Arlo offer window.

Fast forward to two months later, and after multiple contacts with Arlo/Netgear about their promo websites failure to accept my details, I'm still no closer to an answer from them.

I registered via their promo website, however no confirmation was forthcoming, so I contacted them directly.  Firstly via Facebook message (x2), then online chat, then phone, then case updates (multiple), then via phone again.

Still I have no answer from anyone, all I ever hear is that my case has been endorsed to a 'higher tier support team who can handle it, and that they're still looking into it.  The first couple of times you hear that, you kind've accept it, once its two months later though.... its wearing a bit thin.

Its a shame that I've been having such trouble with them, because I'm certainly happy enough with both items I purchased.  The modem/router out-performs my old one significantly, and the Arlo cameras have provided an easy upgrade to home security (they work a treat for my requirements).

So, the problem I have is with Arlo / Netgear, and their inability to respond to a customer query.  I'm at a loss as to what will prompt them to actually resolve my case. 

Any words of wisdom around how I can get some traction with this sort of thing?

TL/DR: Arlo had a cash-back by redemption promo, website registration for promo didn't work, Arlo (Netgear) are taking a verrrry long time to sort it out.  = Frustrated customer.