My name is Mihajlo and I am currently studying Design in Wellington, New Zealand.
I am currently taking a paper in Critical Thinking.
We basically do...

1. research into design
2. research through design
3. research for design.

We investigate practical, theoretical, empirical, historical and formal design issues through the potentials we find.
At the moment I am exploring “How dose an individual differ the real from the unreal?
More precisely "Lucid Dreams"

Nick Bostrom's argument
i. It is possible that a civilization could create a computer simulation which contains individuals with artificial intelligence.
ii. Such a civilization would likely run many—say billions—of these simulations (just for fun; for research, etc.)
iii. A simulated individual inside the simulation wouldn’t necessarily know that it’s inside a simulation—it’s just going about its daily business in what it considers to be the “real world.”


Wikipedia on Lucid Dreams
In order to demonstrate the possibility that what we accept as reality is a simulation there should be some evidence that we could point to in order to extrapolate that it is in fact an illusion. Dreaming is one such example where ordinary people are fooled into believing a simulated reality (a dream) is the "true" reality. However, given practice or even chance, it is possible for one to realize that they are dreaming whilst they dream, thus entering a lucid dream.

And I need your help; Part of this projects requirements is that we do abstract experiments,
And I’m having a hard time thinking of ways to experiment with my potential, one way I would like to explore it is by capturing the image in the brain at the moment of realization you are dreaming.

So what I am asking of the members of this great forum is next time you wake up from any sort of dream, is to draw what you feel/remember/see/want/need etc either on paper or Photoshop or any sort of media, as long as an image is expressed. Remember this can be very abstract and does not need to make sense; I am at a very early stage of my research. And if you could please post the images here or e-mail them to me directly I would greatly appreciate it. I understand most people don’t have time for this and I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this so I would also appreciate if someone could point me in a direction of a more appropriate forum for this type of thing.

Thank you