Interesting web-site from Internations Expat Insider 2019.

Here's the link for Australia. Sorry no rating for New Zealand.

A lot hinges around Australia's healthcare costs, which is surprising.

Australia Offers Plenty of Opportunities for Leisure — But Not for Travel

Australia falls five places to 17th overall in 2019. Expats are disappointed by a lack of travel opportunities and high healthcare costs. However, they love the leisure options.

Australia ranks 1st worldwide for the availability of leisure options.

Over one-fourth of expats (27%) are unsatisfied with the healthcare costs.

Australia ranks in the bottom 10 for travel opportunities (56th out of 64).

Over six in ten expats (62%) rate their career prospects highly.

The cost of living was a main concern before moving for 51% of expats.

66% say moving abroad has made them happier (vs. 61% globally).

Healthcare Provisions on the Decline

After ranking in the top 10 for quality of life in 2018 (8th), Australia now finds itself in a less impressive 15th place. A main contributor to this decline could be a decrease in political stability, where the country has fallen ten places to 27th out of 64 destinations, its lowest-ever finish for this factor.

What is more, Australia has dropped 13 places to 44th for the affordability of healthcare. Close to three in ten expats (27%) are unsatisfied with the healthcare costs, with one Russian expat bemoaning the “unaffordable healthcare for expats”. The quality of medical care also appears to be in decline as Australia has slipped nine places to 21st for this factor.