A year ago I quit my comfy fully-employed job to join a San Francisco technologies start-up company.


Because I am based in NZ and not in SF and am not an American citizen, I am on a 1-year consultant contract with them.


The salary I currently am on is USD26.45/h plus commission on sales.


At the time of signing the contract, I was told (nothing on paper) I would be the only salesperson and own all inbound sales on top of my outbound efforts. Since then, two new salespeople joined and I no longer own the inbound revenues. This cuts my prospects of commission by quite a bit. This is a problem for me as I am working very hard on growing the company's profile in the industry, using my extended network. I also act as a general advisor and industry expert for the strategy of the company. Reconciliation of the inbound sales with my outreach efforts is not always easy and I, unfortunately, have to micro-manage those inbound sales a lot to see if they had anything to do with me (so I can claim commission)... My role is more strategic / business development without necessarily being pure sales. I was also offered stock options which I have started accumulating 6 months ago but they will take 4 years to be fully vested. The company tends to tell me that this is what I'm working for, for the long game, to give value to my future shares.


Bottom line is: my contract is 'expiring' in 3 weeks and I would like to get it extended but would like to ask (demand?) a significant raise.


NB: I have in a year generated USD350k of direct sales, leaving what I have possibly influenced but not got credited for. My commission for that year was almost 90% of my base salary.


NB2: I have a particular profile with a very broad 15y+ experience in all aspects of this company's products/services and all the industries they cater for. I do believe they see the value in having me around but, being a start-up, they could just tell to f** off I believe... No one is irreplaceable.


NB3: as a freelance, I am getting zero perks: vacation time, sick time, medical, vision, dental, 401k. And have to pay for my own phone, laptop, internet, office space (home), etc.


I am considering asking a significant base salary raise (x1.5), which is a significant jump from this years'.


Am I being greedy? Any thoughts?


Practically I'm not even sure how to ask for this. As a consultant, should I just dictate my hourly rate? They offered me the original salary as we were in a 'discovery phase' and I did not really try to bargain too much because it is an exciting company.


I realize that I may sound like a petulant child and that, in the current context, I should just be happy to have a job that I can do remotely. But I left my previous job for this and need to make it worth.


I understand that there is probably a lot of freelance/contractors on this forum so I'd be curious to hear how you negotiated wage raises.