Last year freitasm posted about Project Nui, i was curios from then, for months on end i followed this floating orb around the islands of hawaii, untill the 8th of september when the lights went out, its batteries had failed and was no longer transmitting its co-ordinates.
Just today i went back to the website and found they have launched three more nui's (with solar panels, to recharge the batteries!). Not only that, they have majorly overhauled the website, statistics and graphs galore. I thought id repost about it as alot of user's would have missed it the first time around.

Blurb from the website "Project Niu is an educational program that provides K-12 students and
teachers with hands-on, project-based experiences with satellite
technologies used in remotely monitoring the ocean. Through deploying
and tracking a satellite-tracked "message in a bottle" as it drifts out
to sea, students develop a firsthand understanding of ocean currents
and marine debris while forming personal connections to the
environment. The Project Niu team includes engineers and scientists at
Archinoetics, LLC and is sponsored by NOAA's B-WET Hawaii Program."

Check it out here