Okay, all you geeks! Here's a curly one.

We used to import long range cordless telephones. We're talking 900MHz phones with an output power of 500mW. These things could to up to 10km (external antenna, line of sight, etc). But due to circumstances beyond our control, we can't get them anymore.

So here's the deal: I'm researching fast and bloody furious to try and locate any new phone that can do close to the same job. The trick is, it has to be close enough to conform with NZ radio spectrum management (RSM) standards, or easily modified to do so. We'd also prefer to have something that would conform with Australia as well.

I'm turning up next to nothing. I need your help!

I'm thinking a high-powered 2.4GHz analog or spread-spectrum model. We're allowed to have a max output power of 1W in that range here in NZ (I don't know about Oz). However I'm willing to entertain any suggestions at all.

Especially you global lot! Have you seen anything in your area that looks like it might do the trick?

Thanks in Advance!