Wanting to get something to send audio around the house, my 433MHz headphones jam my weather station and remote extender, they had ok range but not quite enough.

Anyway, I have decided to get a FM transmitter since my phones all have radios in them, and it means one less thing to carry when mowing the lawn etc.

iTrips clones are virtually useless, the one I have here gets about 2 meters to the phone, and about 5 to the stereo with a giant piece of wire, looking for mods to it just leads to things that gets it a bit better with some more wire for an antenna. I was hoping for a mod that said something like "swap out this resistor for one that's much smaller" but nothings come up in all my googling.

So looking to ebay I find a 30mW FM transmitter for quite cheap. But I cant find anything to estimate the range of it online. I know wifi is normally about twice that and it is hopeless, but the freqs are so different that I dont think it would be comparable. Anyone know roughly howfar it will go - need about 100m but ideally a little more since it will have walls etc to go thru to get to some places around the property.