does anybody have any insight in to whether this card (http://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/Asus-EN210-1GB-64-bit-GDDR3-SILENT-PCI-Express-20-x16-Low-Profile-Capable/18267489/) is DDR3 or GDDR3? As far as I know, GDDR3 is built off of the DDR2 platform, so it's effectively half the RAM speed of an actual DDR3 card. Anyway, Google search results all seem to indicate it's DDR3 (not GDDR3), and the box you see in the photo mentions DDR3 only, there's no mention of GDDR3 from what I can see. Also note the manufacturer code "EN210-SLT-1GD3-2-LPR", it seems to indicate 1GD3 means 1gb DDR3 but maybe MightyApe interpreted it as GDDR3 from the 1g part. What do you all think?