Report from a customer yesterday that Kiwibank Mastercard transactions 
via their Flo2Cash account were coming back "Error Communicating with 
Contacted F2C who recognised that there was an issue and did some 
research. They came back saying it was a Paymark Westpac issue, 
that it affects other providers (DPS included), and today advised that 
Paymark will post a fix tonight. 

Anyone else seeing the same? I haven't confirmed that this issue 
affects other providers yet (have asked a couple of customers to check 
into it), would love to know if anyone can add detail. 

Not sure of the market share that Kiwibank / Mastercard combo has (or 
if the issue is only specific to those cards), but it surprises me 
that I can't find mention of an outage on any of the affected party 
sites (Westpac, Paymark, DPS, Flo2Cash) 

Vodafone often post an advisory if people can't top up, for example, 
but I haven't heard anything ... 

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