I've been with Snap for a long time both phone and internet. I've got 250Gb of data and it is working well. The price is $101 per month. Personally I don't use the phone that much but I guess it's still useful sometimes.

Telecom recently came to my house in Avonhead, CHCH, offering
  500GB per month internet.
  Free national calling.
  Free modem + splitters, etc
  One month free service.
  Free upgrade to fibre if/when it is available.

Snap has been fantastic - fast, good support, reasonable pricing. Last time I used Telecom/Xtra the service wasn't great, but I guess that was over 5 years ago.

Just wondering if anyone else has experience with Xtra and Snap and if I could get some feedback about using Xtra.

1/ Is the connection speed good?
2/ How about congestion?
3/ Any kind of traffic shaping?
4/ How reliable is the connection?
5/ Any other comments?

Thanks for your input.

Kind regards,