Have been connecting to corp network via VPN over Woosh Wireless Modem for over 2 years with no issues connecting or running applications such as Outlook

Have recently moved to Phone\VOIP with Wireless Modem from Woosh.

Can connect to corp network over VPN with no issues but now cannot connect to applications such as Outlook.
Outlook opens but it cannot connect to the outlook server

Have had 4 calls so far with Woosh Technical Support (if you can call it supportYell) only to be told they can't help and don't support issues with VPN or connectivity...  Frown

I am no tech guru when it comes to 'behind' the scenes

I understand that I need to setup NAT rules via woosh gateway.
I have got hold of the External Source Port for the VPN server from my IT folks at work

NAT rules also requires Internal Source IP and Internal Source port, but Woosh can't tell exactly what they should be.
Is the Internal Source IP address, the Client (Laptop)IP?
If so, should I use the Client IP as provided when I am disconnected to the gateway, or when I am connected to the gateway?

Internal Source port - can someone please tell more about what this should be

Any help would be brilliant and much appreciated