From their Press Release today:

Woosh announces the return of popular $17.95 broadband deal

In response to strong customer demand, innovative broadband provider Woosh has announced the return of their $17.95 a month deal for broadband.

Woosh Head of Sales & Marketing, Kristin Dunne-Powell, says, “The overwhelming response to our earlier special May pricing of just $17.95 demonstrates there are a large number of people who want to enjoy the benefits of broadband but who believe that broadband prices are currently too high to justify. We’ve built our own wireless broadband network, so we can set our own pricing to meet the needs of Kiwis.”

The renewed Woosh offers broadband at $17.95 per month (usually $24.95 per month) for the Woosh ‘Entry’ wireless broadband plan, which includes 200MB of data. Customers signing up on this plan will retain the rate of $17.95 for 12 months.

Dunne-Powell added, “This Woosh offer is by far the lowest cost entry broadband plan on the market. The ‘Entry’ plan is suitable for dialup users moving to broadband for the first time, and is an excellent way to get a taste of the speed and benefits of broadband for around the same price as many people pay for dialup”.

“In addition, those using Woosh wireless do not need a phone line at all, and a Woosh wireless phone with free voicemail included can be added for just $20 to the plan – again much cheaper than the competition.”

The plan also features protection from hidden charges. If a user hits their download allowance, instead of receiving heavy excess usage charges, they are simply returned to dialup speed until the end of the month. What’s more, the $17.95 plan rate does not even require that customers use Woosh for their toll calls to get the $17.95 rate (although the Woosh toll calls are equally competitive).

Woosh continues to provide real broadband choice to New Zealanders, offering an easy, and now even more affordable, broadband and phone service alternative.

UPDATE: I've received an updated version and have posted it here now.