We've launched a new program called Ultrafast For New Builds which you can read about here:


The key points:

1. We'll work with building firms during the early stages of construction, ensuring they're aware of requirements around ducting for fibre and premises wiring

2. We'll actually supply the building firms the trench & in-home ducting for each job they involve us on. No more $250 Chorus duct install fee.

3. On move-in day, the new homeowner will have working broadband (just like power!). The first 30 days will be free and the homeowner can choose to switch to another ISP with no penalty during that 30 day period.

4. This program is only available in Tauranga at this stage.

It's quite exciting for us to be doing something a little bit different from the other RSPs and capitalising on our "local RSP" position in the Tauranga market.