I had a fibre install that almost went really bad but was saved by Enable, who did a great job.

I had my first inspection, the guy from Enable was very helpful and listened to my concerns about going through the driveway so we agreed to move the roadside point to the other side of the driveway and go through the garden as my landlord didn't want the driveway touching.

Second visit, the civil work, which is where it started to go wrong. Due to the amount of work Enable sometimes contract out the work for putting the cable through to the house, which is where I've heard most of the issues are. Anyway they were due to come Monday, got home and expecting to find a white box outside my house, there was none so phoned Enable, they contacted the contractor and was told Tuesday it would be done, cutting it close as my home inspection was Wednesday. At work I get a call from the contractor at 4.30pm on Tuesday to say there's a tree in the way can he take a different route, I said yep no problem so he was obviously at my house. Come home Tuesday, no contractor and no white box. I'd already taken Wednesday morning off for the home visit so would just see what happened.

Third visit, Wednesday morning the Enable engineer arrived and he was as surprised as me to see the work outside had not been done. At this point I had a feeling I would not be getting fibre today and didn't want to be home all day as needed to get back to work. Anyway the Enable engineer called one of his own staff who came galloping in on a white Unicorn, well rather a white van to do the outside work. The original engineer did all the inside work first so I could get back to work and the outside work was done whilst I was at work. He was able to activate the ONT from outside and called Spark to  make sure it was all connected. I came home to a flashing green light on my ONT, configured my router and I had fibre! The Enable engineer told me they have a lot of issues with the contractors and would be contacting his department that deal with the contractors about it.

From reading other topics it seems very few issues are with the actual provider (Spark Vodafone) or the engineers (Enable, Chorus) but rather the communication between the contracting department and the contractors themselves.