question 1
ok i am in the middle of getting xnets fusion package. they have set me up with VFX but have not cut my line yet i still get a dial tone i got the password and what not to day and i got the pap2t working with dial tone and so forth. this is more of a statement rather than a question but would like feed back from others experence. After having the VFX put on my line i seem to sync to the local exchange with at around 300kbs slower upload speed. i was getting around 6300kb down and 920 kb up. after the activation of VFX my upload has droped to around 650kbs - 700kbs. is this normal?

if i had of known this i may not have gone with ndsl and stayd with pots.

Question 2
just another question when you change from pots dsl to ndsl does this decrease or alter ping or speed, thought it may marginly give a bit more speed and decrease the ping because its not going through that spliter at the exchange.

would i be wrong in saying that the modem would havemore bandwidth to use on the pairs because no dial tone is running through the pair, i doubt it but could sombody clarify this for me

some silly questions i know but just been playing on my mind

and feel free to state if you have noticed any differnce in your internet connection from changing from pots to ndsl thanks