We run a small ISP, reselling through Devoli.  


I have a client who has moved to a new subdivision in Kelson last month, Wellington that has been signed off as completed, but we're unable to get chorus to connect the fibre. 


Back in Feb 2022 Chorus had send a document that confirmed that "Satisfactory works have been undertaken to enable the provision of a connected service to the Chorus network.  and that "new occupants will need to contact their chosen internet provider to order a service after <future date> at which time a service lead-in will be provisioned as required"


So we put the connection reques through only to have chorus respond with,


"We've identified that the build for this Greenfields site is not yet fully completed. Our records indicate that this location is not yet ready for ordering, so we cannot accept an NGA order at this time without more information."


And basically keep circling back to that and have cancelled the order.


Chorus refuse to elaborate and we're unable to move forward. 


I understood that for a site to be signed off the services had to be in place, including fibre. 


@Wheelbarrow01 Is this something you're able to look into?  It's been weeks and still no movement.  


Obviously I have a bunch of correspondence and reference numbers to go with it all.