Can't conect, have to done it right?

VPI: 0

VCI: 100  
Virtual Circuit:  Enabled
WAN Setting: PPPoE/PPPoA
Authentication Type: Auto
Connection Type: PPPoA VC-Mux
MTU bytes:  1400
MRU bytes:  1492
Default Route:  Enabled
PPPoE Pass Through: Disabled 
NAT: Enabled 

Firewall: Enabled

IP Control: Dynamic

Service Category: UBR

Modulation Type: ADSL (Muti-Mode)

ADSL Status
ADSL status shows the ADSL physical layer status.
ADSL Firmware Version: - - Annex A - 01.07.2c - 0.54 
ADSL Software Version: V3.02B01T01.NZ.20080827
Line State Connecting...
Modulation ADSL_G.dmt
Annex Mode Annex A 
Max Tx Power -38 dBm/Hz


Please Help. Thanks! :D