Hi There,

I brought my Belkin F5D7633-4 ADSL2+ wireless router/modem over from the UK and I'm trying to configure it for use with my Telstra Clear Motorola SB5101 SurfBoard cable modem but it just aint working. Can anyone help with this.

I've attached the router to the Motorola device with an ethernet cable and then connected my laptop to the router with another ethernet cable.

I've left all the LAN config stuff on the router alone and my laptop gets an IP address from it on the network fine so I can configure the device OK.

I presume it's the WAN settings I should be configuring  so what I've done is this.

Connection Type: Static (IPoA)
WAN IP: 121.*.*.* (static IP TLC gave me for my computer)
Ticked the Use Default Route box
Added 121.*.*.1 (the default gateway TLC gave me for my computer)
I've left the use WAN Interface tickbox unticked
VPI/VCI: 0/38
Encapsulation: Tried both LLC and VC/MUX

I'm not even sure which interface on the device actually has the TLC IP address that  I configured but I can ping the address. I can't ping the default gateway though.

This is an ADSL modem router so it also has a ADSL RJ-11 port but I obviously can't use that in conjunction with the Motorola device so I presume I can use this device as a router only.