Something to keep in mind is how your service provider will deal with phone calls & data charging. When you're on the phone you'll be using internet data, possibly accruing a further cost of top of any toll charges or local calls. On our Fibre to the Home & Fusion services phone calls and any local traffic doesn't count towards your monthly data charge.

Phone Features are going to differ depending on which Service Provider you choose. The good news is you should be able to have everything that's available on the old copper network and more, for example we offer the following phone features as standard with our Fibre to the Home & Fusion services ;

Voice mail
Speed Dials
Call Forwarding Options (Always/Busy/No Answer)
Call Hold
Call Return
Call Waiting
Call Name Delivery
Last Number Redial
Do Not Disturb
Anonymous Call Rejection
Call Notify
Three-Way Calling
Call Forward Unreachable
Caller ID Delivery