So I have just posted in the Wanted forums to hopefully borrow someones PSU/GFX card.

In the meantime, any other testing suggestions would be appreciated.

Story: Got my 280x installed and running. Started playing BF4 and had a red tint across half the screen. Updated drivers, and no more red tint but about 8 hours after, I lost display completely and can't even get to BIOS screen.

Have already tried the following with no luck:

3 different monitors
Change cables (tried both HDMI and DVI)
Booting with minimal hardware - CPU, mobo, 1 RAM stick, PSU and no errors/beeps
Booted with my old 560TI and worked normally

The only other PSU I have is a 5 yr old Corsair 620W and don't want to risk blowing that up (I realize the recommended of 750W is exaggerated but since the other PSU is so old didn't want to push it).
From the above, I gathered my GPU was faulty. Had sent it away but was sent back cause upon testing the card was fully functional.. so..a bit stumped on what to do now.

Specs as of now:

M6A99X EVO R2.0
16GB Corsair LP RAM 1600mhz
FSP Aurum 750W Gold Modular Power Supply
1 x 120GB SSD + 1 x 250GB SSD + 2 x 1TB Hard drives (one WD green, the other Seagate baracuda)