My brother needs his business website redesigned. He was using EZGenerator 3 to maintain the website. This involved using data output from Lotus Approach. We have since migrated to Windows 8.1 and discovered that EZGenerator 4 must be used on W8.1.  Version 4 uses MySQL database, so now the output from the Lotus approach database must be imported into MySQL for  EZGenerator 4 to access it.

I migrated my brother's office off XP over to W8.1 and am trying to help my brother get his office processes running more smoothly.

We are looking for someone to redesign the website using EZGenerator 4. We wish to stay with using EZGenerator to minimise change for our office administrator. We are looking for someone with experience using EZGenerator 4, MySQL and Lotus Approach. Knowledge of Lotus Approach is not essential, but would be helpful.

We are located in Lower Hutt, so someone in Wellington Region would be good, but the work could be done remotely, so although we would prefer to work with someone on site, this is not essential.

Anybody interested can send me a PM.