Got a problem with an OKI C310dn printer.


It was printing but then after a while would throw up a 142 error message - turns out for some reason the toner cartridge was leaking and kept covering the sensor, so once cleaned up it would run again for a while until it got dirty again.


So gave up and replaced the toners etc - but now getting error 611-614 which is giving "No toner installed/missing" - have checked them all over and they're seated correctly.


No matter what I do, I cannot get past this - occasionally I can print if I send the job then power off the printer, and back on again. But then the no toner message appears again.


I've got hold of the "confidential" OKI maintenance manual, and altho it mentions the error, it gives absolutely no other information on how to resolve it or even what to look at. (Good one OKI)  Even tried resetting the counters but no change.


Calling service person is not worth it, as the printer is getting on in age, and costs dont work out.... 


So, anyone come across this before, or should I just bin the thing and order a new printer ? (and if order new one, suggestions ? Dosent get a lot of use, mainly for manager to print private documents)