Hi everyone.

I just purchased a new computer and had to load xp home myself.  It came with a cd with the drivers which has obviously failed to load all the device drivers. 

I talked to the guy i purchased the computer off and hes saying the easiest way to fix is to uninstal windows and reinstal it.  I'm not confident with that especially after setting everything up on the new comp to have to loose it all again. The code 39 is for the cd dvd driver so that won't work and the code 28 is the sound im guessing, as there is none.

CPU:AMD Athlonx2 64bit dualcore 4600+ AM2 2.4GHz 1MB L2 Cache
MB: Asus All in one motherboard DDR2-800 PCI-E 16X SATA 2 & RAID
w/onboard 128MB Geforce 6100 graphics
RAM:2GB DDR2-800
HDD:250GB SATAII 7200rpm HDD
Optical Drive:20xDouble layer DVDRW
Integrated Sound/Lan
Any suggestions?