I am continuing on with a previous thread here, as this is sort of a new angle.




I would like to buy a Gigabyte GTX1660 preferably, or one of their GTX1650 cards, but I have a very small case and I have concerns about headroom for the power connectors on the GTX1660.


If you have a GTX1660 card installed, I would really appreciate a photo of it installed (showing the connector) so I can get an idea about how much room I would need to have spare. I have a 1 9mm gap from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the optical drive. The power connector is also 19mm long (10mm plug, 9mm pin) not including room for cable bend. All other 1660 cards seem to have the power connector right on the top of the card, but the Gigabyte seems to be recessed a bit. Measurements of this would be really helpful. 


Also, I see that both these cards stick up above the height of the bracket. I would also like to know by how much. 


I have tried a few pc shops, but no one has a card out of its packet to help me.


Thank you.