heya, I need help with printer sharing.

Current Setup:
Desktop (windows XP)
workgroup = home
connected via cat5
local printer attached via usb

Workgroup = home
Connected via wireless

The problems are.
I cannot see either pc on the workgroup (both xp and vista pc)
- I can ping each machine from the other
- how do I fix this

Printer sharing problem.
I can force the vista pc to connect to the printer (\\downstairs\printer1 loads driver fine) the computer will not find the pinter if it searches by itself.
-the printer is loaded on the vista machine (inc. driver) however when i print a tet page it sends fine but the printer will not print the page (the printjob shows up on the desktop with the account being guest). I can print a test page from the desktop pc...

Both PCS have norton 2009 (I can see the other pc under network map in norton and both machins are trusted) there doesnt seem to be any problems here.....
Windows Firewall is configured to enable file / print sharing