OK  so let's see if anyone else out there is interested in this type of thing...

Software to help manage emails/tasks/projects etc...

I've tried a few apps over the years - usually add-ons for Outlook - but none of them have ever really spun my wheels.  I want something that will keep my inbox uncluttered, help me to remember to get things done, give me an overview of different project statuses, remind to chase stuff up if need be, and provide exception reporting on a couple of automated tasks I have.

Just lately I've been running a little Excel worksheet - it hides the Excel application, and throws a form on top of part of the title bar of whatever active window I have running.  The form refreshes every 60 seconds and is colour-coded to highlight any exceptions or events that are important.

It tells me;

  • What number of jobs are on 3 i-series queues (changes colour if more than 3 queued)

  • Whether the date/time stamp on a couple of files are out-of-date

  • What # unread and total items are in the inbox

  • What the next appointment is, and how far away - blue if today, red if < 1 hr away

  • What # tickles (reminders) for today/this week/future

  • What # tasks for today/this week/future

  • What # appointments for today/this week/future

  • What # email items pending today/this week/future

  • What current share price for selected stock

  • Dbl-clicking on any of the fields gives me a list of what the items are

  • Can also pop open a form to allocate a reminder date to an email, and move the email into a sub-folder in the inbox - the name of the subfolder, which can be nested as deep as I like, is the workstream that the item belongs in

It works pretty well for me, but a long way off complete - I figured it would end up in .NET and maybe even ported to WM one day, but I can't really see it happening...

Anybody got any software that they've found good for this sort of thing??  I don't really have the time or skills to do anything else with the Excel applet...

Screen dump attached if anyone interested in a look...