I have a Realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless LAN Network Adapter. I have Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10. In XP I use the driver that came in the box and the adapter works all right except sometimes it will simply stop working. It will disconnect me from my network and not display any visible networks (even though there should be about four, mine and a few neighbours). The only way I can fix this is a reboot.

In Ubuntu I didn't at first install any new drivers and the adapter worked but the maximum transfer speed was 1 Mb/s. I installed Ndiswrapper and then my Windows driver, and now I have full 54Mb/s transfer speed but the same problem as in Windows.

Also, in XP (maybe Ubuntu, I haven't noticed) the network speed drops when I use it sometimes. If I'm not transfering anything, the speed is usually around 36-54Mb/s. If I then play on online game (for example) and minimise I can see that the signal strength is the same but the speed has dropped to either 1 or 5.5Mb/s. This will obviously cause the game to lag and it is very frustrating.

This seems to me to point to the Windows driver. Does anyone know how to get around this problem or a better driver to use?