My work has this thermal label printer that plays up all the time.

The boss says it has done this for years but I reckon it is time to fix it as it is driving me mad.

When we print to it, it is supposed to print 2 x 4inch x 3 inch labels using 2 labels ergo, 2 prints.

The problem we have is that just about everytime we print the 2 power lights flash like a train crossing and we have to power the printer down and restart it to print the second label.

Every now and then it decides to play the game and the lights stay on and it prints the 2 labels and we dont have to power it down, then just as mysteriously it will go bad again.

We have played with the settings a lot but nothing seems to fix it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix it?

Argox Thermal Label Printer
Model: OS-214