I've got a Asus Geforce 210 "Model: EN210/DI/512MD2(LP)" , I know it's very low spec but I have a 300W PSU and I don't want to play new games so power wise it's fine. I do have issues with it though.

Firstly I've got a 1080x1920 monitor connected by HDMI cabe and my speakers coming out of the the monitors audio out (3.5mm) and whenever I play a new sound it cut's off the first second or so. I've seen the problem reported in other forums but not very widely, it doesn't seem that every Geforce 210 is doing this, anyone else with this problem?

Secondly the Geforce 210 officially supports flash player hardware acceleration but it's seems very hit and miss, YouTube has a feature where you can right click the video "Show Video Info" and it will tell you if the the "video rendering" and "video decoding" is "software" or "accelerated", if both are accelerated i can watch 1080P smoothly without dropping a single frame, but if they are software even when i watch 720P videos i have stuttering playback and drop tonnes of frames. It seems totally random whether it plays accelerated or software, the same video will actually switch back and forth.

I've been hoping a nvidia driver update and flash player update would fix these frustrations but it's been about a year now and no such luck. This sound familiar to anyone?

I have no other issues with my Geforce 210, it has 512MB VRAM and plays all the games i have (nothing super new) well and without any issues, playing HD videos with a desktop application is also fine