Just registered on the forums and was hoping to get some help and to fire a few questions at you all.

I have an "O2 Xda Orbit"

Can someone tell me how to install theme's on the damn thing? lol I just cant seem to suss it out.

Here's a small problem im also having, i installed TomTom on in and removed it. Now, if you dont use it for a while it goes into it's power saving mode where its still active but nothing is on the display. Upon pressing the power button to bring it back to life, I get the following error:

Notification Error

Cannot execute \Storage Card\TOMTOM MOBILE 2005\TomTom\TTGPSEng.exe

I dont get this error if I stop it going into powersaving mode. Can anyone tell me how to stop it without resetting everything?

Lastly, is there anything really cool I can do with it? Are there any cool places for free programs?

Thanks in advance for your help.