I have this problem with my partner's WM2003 Pocket PC (HP H6315). It was working fine with Exchange ActiveSync when in dock, and over WiFi and over GPRS.

However, lastnight when docked, the Exchange ActiveSync cannot connect to the Exchange server. It returns with INTERNET_31 error. Which brought to an error with WM2002 or WM2003 devices with SSL connectivity issue. With that suspicion, I tried accessing our OWA from from Pocket IE while docked and it could not get to OWA or OMA or anything with SSL while docked. However when trying to access ASB Bank's Mobile Internet Banking, it works fine. Which could mean that there's something wrong in our SSL set up.

Further to this investigation, the pocketpc can get to the SSL page and sync over the WiFi without difficulty at all.

So my take is that, there's something not right with the ActiveSync on the laptop. Outlook on the laptop to Exchange works fine, SSL to OWA works fine from laptop. Just not from PocketPC when docked to the laptop.

Any idea?

ActiveSync installed is v4.1, Outlook 2003, Exchange 2003 SP2.