I am testing a hacked ROM that I downloaded from PPC Geeks.

The ROM is AKU 3.5 no junk. It was posted by Jeff Kirvin.

I am having some minor issues that I may need some assistance. I also have some observations.


In using tasks on Pocket Outlook, I try to sort by due date, tasks due today should be at top, there seems to be no sorting in tasks in Pocket Outlook. Has anyone else seen this and found a solution (other the use 3rd party PIM, already done that and found products like Pocket Informant don't add that much extra function and add overhead to device).

AKU 3.5 is supposed to support A2DP, it does but I get random skipping, usually about 1 sec and not on every song, thus is with Mort Player, will try Core Player as well. What causes skipping with Bluetooth, has same issue with Tornado hacks on carrier's ROM. Any suggestions of this issue?

In Activesync 4.5, when I open "Explore Pocket PC", it takes me to C drive. I seem to be able to copy files over via activesync folder, any suggestions on this issue?


I have tested for one day, does not seem a whole lot faster than carrier ROM like Brad Stewart suggested (by the way Brad, the speed was not my purpose of the ROM upgrade)

Some software was missing like MSN Mobile and WinZIPMobile, I may have workarounds for missing software

Was less painless than I expected.

The information for this AKU's is scattered and you really need to read many long treads in order to make decisions.

If anyone can make some suggestions on any/all of my questions, It would be appreciated.