gpsVP thanks to Vsevolod Shorin

I run this on my i-mate SP3 (Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 Ozone update, SE) with BT GPS Holux GPSlim 236. A GPS device is not essential  - gpsVP can be used simply to provide convenient zoomable maps on a Smartphone (or PPC or PC).

One amusing idiosyncrasy is that gpsVP 0.3.6 does not display a compass (but does show details and track/record etc). Occasionally there is a memory issue when using a very large map (say 32MB), which might require re-booting the ‘phone.

There are NZ maps in available in the required .img format including both free & commercial see:

For Wellington City I generally use the map 64941307.img 428KB. This is a Legacy NZ Open GPS Map of the lower North Island from the NZ Open GPS Project. Sometimes for Wellington City I use the map 64000015.img 2.6MB. This is a newer NZ Open GPS Autorouting/street searchable map of the lower North Island from the NZ Open GPS Project (but gpsVP for Smartphone does not provide auto-routing nor street search). Sometimes using this larger (2.6MB) map seems to build-up irrecoverable memory use whilst gpsVP is active.