I'm a bit of a novice on this stuff but I can follow manuals - however this has got me beat.
Has someone got wifi to work on the HTC Apache using WPA-PSK/TKIP?  I can only get it to work with my SMC router with wide-open access.  I know I've set up the router correctly as other devices can access it with WPA on, but no matter what settings I've tried on the Apache it just won't connect.  Is there some magic to the type/size of key it will accept? 
I notice that with Authentication set to WPA-PSK on the Apache, the 802.1x setting tab is greyed out but "Use 802.1x network access control" is set.  802.1 access control is disabled in the router.  Is there a way to turn off that setting in the Apache maybe?
  Any help appreciated.