I have a OKTA Touch and have been using MicroSoft ActiveSync to sync my Outlook calendar and contacts.
Active Sync is very limited for my needs and after much looking around I found Nokia have a new product called
Just tried it and it is way better than Active Sync.
Easier to install and configure
I have complete control over how much calendar info is sync, the lot to a window of x days either side of today
Plus I can filter the calendar on categories etc.
Contacts , way better.. I can sync contacts with any number of filters based on any contact field. Great for me with 400 contacts on my PC but only need 40 on my phone. I add a cell category to each new contact is I want it on my cell phone - simple.
Plus it give a lot of control and flexibility on how the syncing is done , triggered by any new event or simply on log on or on a schedule I never like the last Nokia sync software ( PC Suite) it was a dog but this Win Mobile software is very cool .

All I need now is a good guitar tuner for my Win Mobile OKTA .

Its great when the technology works for you.