Hi all!

Now I know I'm not alone with this problem...in fact it seems to plague I-mate smartphone2's that suffer a hard enough knock!  Yep had the misfortune of dropping my smartphone2 and all seemed well until pushing the#4 key..only to have the window fill up with digits until pressing another key.  I know for a fact the fault is in the keyboard PCB and not the motherboard but I am buggered (not banned on here is it?) if I can fix it.  Take the keyboard from another smartphone2 and it works fine.  Apparently it's a simple enough fix as a friend of mine had it happen to theirs and took it to a Vodafone shop where it was promptly fixed.  Alas they never found out the fix and getting decent service from them is very hit and miss.

I have a nice wee collection of smartphone2's here now which I would like to fix, so come on people...share your insights!