Hello all,

After my dream of owning an IPhone has shattered. I'm reverting back to my original plan of getting a Samsung i780 ( can get one for $600 from Hong Kong) and just use the $1 a day casual plan. Does anyone here have experience with the i780? Did a search here and the only result is an Ad for boxwave accessories. If anyone can answer me the followings. I'd be much appreciated.

  1. How is the built quality? Does it feel solid? My last PDA phone was an Imate K-Jam, and that was a rock solid device
  2. I notice they included 2 batteries in the package, does it mean that the device is either a battery hog? or the quality of the batteries are sub-par?
  3. How good is the GPS? I'm planing to use Google maps on the device.
  4. How is the call quality and reception?
  5. How is the blue tooth? I'm planing to use a Sony Bluetooth headset for calls.
Thank you in advance.