My Zire '72' still is earning it's keep but not w/o it's strange occurances. Today I managed to flatten it's memory by opening a palm doc in the 'Docs to Go' program. I'm not sure what happened, but the palm doc took what seemed like forever to load before opening and when I closed it, the display went discolored and I had to do a soft reset after a fatal alert warning. When it returned, programs were missing and everything returned to factory settings before the first hot-sync. I have programs backed up on an S/D card that usually remains locked. I copied some of these to the handheld. 'Pocket Tunes' was one of them. The version I copied to the card was from a c/d rom supplied with 'PDA Essentials' magazine. I copied it from the card to the device and the entered the activation code I recieved the first time. It still worked on the reloaded 'Pocket Tunes' player. It doesn't however keep this code if it's entered while the player is run from the card. Strange. The upside of all of this is I can keep my 'Pocket Tunes' player by copying it from the card to the handheld and using the same code. The 'Docs to Go' program doesn't copy to the card with a file explorer program like 'FileZ'. And I tried to put it on the card form the bundled software disc that came with my '72' but it couldn't be dragged to the card from the 'Palm Quick Install' either. At least I have my music and games on the card. Selected apps. also remain on the S/D card for the same reason. A good reason to always 'backup' files. It also proved the worth of a Secure Didgital card that can be locked. Now if only I can get the 'Docs to Go' program on the card from the bundled software c/d that came with my '72'. mmmmm.