I am working on pocketPc 2003, windows mobile second edition. I am using embedded visual c++ 4.0. This code will be for pocket internet explorer.

I need to pass few strings from a html file(essentially a JScript) to activeX control. The params can be passed via "Param" or through the function() which ever way as far as it gets done. The Jscript will be:

I tried this with the activeX control being written in evc++. I have used the ActiveX sample provided with the microsoft's SDK for it. The "Param1" in my activeX component is being implemented as a property, in form of TCHAR* and functionAcceptsString() also a function which accepts TCHAR*. but somehow this doesnt seem to work. Next i am going to try with variants but i am not sure if its going to work either. Following is the sample code:

// IAXSampleCtl
STDMETHOD(get_Param1)(TCHAR** pcrFill);


I guess i m making a really silly mistake or ???

I tried running this code on emulator. It works with "integer" params but doesnt work for strings. Even with integers it works with only one param, if I pass multiple params it doesnt work fine.
This is really urgent... i will really appreciate if anyone can give me a sample code(with variant/TCHAR) or at least a pointer to the documentation indicating how it can be done.