Hi All,

I seem to have a VERY wierd problem.... I use the MS Word Reader Add-in, which allows me to create .lit files for my iPaq MS Reader. However, I noticed that in the docs that I have the contain accented characters like the "é" and others, MS Reader for both the iPaq and on the desktop, show an elongated rectangle, instead of the character that it should be. It appears normally in Word.

Furthermore, I utilize the Frutiger Linotype (cleartype) font, and in Word, it has no problems displaying the accented characters, but, once I make it into a .lit formatted file, the Reader just doesn't display ANY accented characters....

Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong? Or if maybe there's a better application for creating .lit files?

I know I know... .lit isn't the PREFERRED format for ebooks, but it's convenient and easy for me due to the PPC's MS Reader integration....