I have a Nokia E61i which uses Symbian S60. I use Blackberry connect to retrieve my emails (which works great)-the PDF attachments load but have various issues viewing them. I tried upgrading to version 2.5 of the Adobe software through the Nokia portal and this did not fix the issues (despite all the issues I was experiencing being listed as fixes for this newer version of the viewer). I have now uninstalled all versions of adobe and installed PDF+ from mbrain software-this works much better I can view all of the attachments I was having issues with if I load them onto my memory card or via the PC suite file manager but the same files when recieved to the phone via email have issues from either being blank of out of kilter (so colums are one long list not colums next to each other).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this going? Either to fix the issue or a suggested work around?