This involves taking apart your pocketPC so you will lose all data.

You will also need some care and possibly technical knowledge.

Please take utmost care in removing all rimbbon connectors, you will need to know what you are doing.

I can do it for you if unable or unwilling, only as a pet interest. see bottom.

This will not work for smartphones, only touch-screen devices.

From the Early IPAQ days, Sony, Sharp and the other manufacturers of the LCD components never sealed their screens properly (usually hardly at all)

The original screens were lit from the front, Yes correct, a light was angled to shine on the front of these panels under the touchpad.

My original IPAQ became useless after a year. being front-lit, it was all white dust/pocket grime. it was okay in sunlight but at night, Snowy covered screen

Qtek 1010, lasted a year and a half then bacame unusable (and got pinched along with my claimed on, dropped ipod,,, lucky burglar, all he got was a fake diamond ring, a dust riddled, blacklisted PDA and a stuffed ipod)

FIX, This is not so much as a fix, leave this to the proffesionals, This is a preventative.
The QTEK screen was cleaned once (old one) successfully but it's a hair raising job.

Open the unit, Usually TORX or philips screws hold this together. The QTEK is easy, the imate is difficult but doable., lots of fuddly screws and a questionably weak ribbon cale connector

Removes 4 screws from back, run fingernail or a blister-pack plastic around the edge and little clips will pop apart.
remove small black phillps screws from main board. **IMPORTANT** Unplug ribbon connector by using fingernails at BOTH ENDS of the white bar and pull upwards (if yellow) or outwards (if white), very carefully.
remove mainboard
Remove screen module. (4 Screws with little brackets
Screen is a square (rectangle) with 3 connectors, All PDA's are identically setup but in different places.
3 cables, one wide copper data cable, one touchpad cable, often brown, backlight cable/ribbon.
USE PVA glue in a dry environment like an office., it's just right gluggyness and it's easily removable in the event of a screwup..
Seal up all the cracks visible in the side if the screen,. use sparingly and apply with a toothpick or matchstick.. take particular care in the area around the fattest ribbon cable to ensure none seeps deep in the crack.

Allow to dry for 1 hour and reassemble. I did this to the replacement QTEK and also my newer i-mate and have yet to see a sign of behind the screen dust 1 year on, now it's Harriers turn..

Simple half hour pre emptive surgery and I have had trouble free PDA'ing for over a year and a half now.

If you want me to do the job for you, I can do so for a small fee, (like $20 including postage back) PM me. Note, I cannot remove (READ: Will not for fear of breakage) remove dust already under a screen but will seal it from the outside elements or any future dust accumulation.