Just playing around with the Nokia 5800.  Have updated it to the latest firmware and am bemused by fontsizing in the phones browser.

Font size appears to be controlled either:
- through an on-screen +/- slider that you get to by clicking on the magnifying glass; or
- through Options>Settings>Page>Font size.

The default font size is set at "Normal".  When a page loads (any page, mobile, full or otherwise) this Normal font size translates to microscopic.  There are two other options in Options>Settings>Page>Font size.  Smallest results in no change (equally microscopic), while Largest translates into gigantic one or two words per line.

Am I missing something here?  Have Nokia accidentally set Normal and Smallest to be the same?

You can use the on page slider but that just works for that page so you end up doing it for every single page which is quite annoying to say that least, not to mention that the browser does not autowrap the then larger lines so they spill off the page .... you can at least correct this latter issue by tilting the phone to landscape and back again but thats not a practical option past the very short term.

So at the moment I either need to squint at microscopic text or alternatively manually alter the size of every page and then tilt the phone.  Any suggestions about how I can simply set a sensible font size?